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New Research Suggests Chicken Cartilage (UC-II) for Joint Pain Relief

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joint pain reliefBefore I go into information about how chicken cartilage in the form of UC-II can help you get joint pain relief for arthritis, let me explain why this new discovery is so exciting for both those who suffer from Osteoarthritis as well as Rheumatoid arthritis.

These two illnesses seemed to be caused from two very different things in the past. Osteoarthritis is based on the fact that as we get older our joints wear out to the point that they put friction on the bones.

Rheumatoid Arthritis, on the other hand is an inflammatory autoimmune disease where the body's immune system mistakenly attacks the tissues in the joint linings and cartilage because it has identified the cartilage and synovial membranes as enemies.

What wasn't known until now is that the reason both of these diseases happen is because collagen has been exposed to the immune system as the tissues wear away. The immune system recognizes it as an enemy and sends out killer T-cells to get rid of it.  As the T-cells work to get rid of the collagen by infecting it with toxic chemicals, further inflammation is caused - resulting in more pain and further degeneration of cartilage.

All of that may sound very frightening if you suffer from either of these forms of joint pain and are looking for joint pain relief, but don't despair yet. There IS a way to get the immune system to recognize these cells as something that has been around for awhile and is OK to stay there. And that is where chicken cartilage for arthritis has been attempted in the past.

Even though cartilage has been tried for joint pain relief in the past, in order for chicken cartilage supplements to work, they should be introduced through the stomach, and not through the blood stream. This way your body will develop an oral tolerance to the collagen, which is the power that suppresses joint inflammation. The collagen becomes a "friend" at the lower end of the small intestine and is no longer set up for attack. It also has to be able to keep its 3-dimensional structure in order for the body to develop the tolerance.

In the past the processing of collagen caused it to uncoil and it lost the important 3-dimensional structure (making it "denatured"). "Denatured collagen has no beneficial effects on joint inflammation!"


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Flexcin with CM8™

If you're constantly suffering from the aches and pains brought on by joint inflammation, you may be interested in another new supplement on the market today. It has ingredients comparable to other joint pain relief supplements but Flexcin with CM8™ goes a step further to help you get back the movement you once had and begin to enjoy life again.

"Flexcin contains those same basic ingredients, but takes you one giant step way beyond the others, using an exclusive CM8™ (cetyl myristoleate) based formula."

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 When you're doing joint pain relief research, one of the most important things to do is to first try to figure out what is causing your joint pain. There is a difference between muscle and joint pain and they require very different treatments.

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Some joint pain is caused by old injuries, such as a skiing accident or a fall. If your joint pain is of this nature, your joint pain relief might be best in the form of massage or physical therapy.

However, if your joint pain is coming from the fact that you don't get much exercise during the day, you can resolve that issue by yourself!

Get up and Get Moving - The Best Joint Pain Reliever!

It might just be as simple as that. If joint pain is caused by inactivity, it's likely that your joints are not getting enough movement to distribute your natural joint lubrication throughout the joints. A sedentary lifestyle can cause swelling of the joints; making them very tender and painful with even the least amount of stress. You will feel better just by adding a little exercise to your day. Add a short walk at first - taking it slow and being careful not to overexert the painful area.

Being overweight also causes joint pain. While many people don't think of weight loss when they think of joint pain relief, it most certainly is! Extra weight puts pressure on your joints. If you become obese, that extra weight can be more than your bones and joints can handle and cause severe pain.

You may find joint pain relief in a product that helps pain, but your symptoms will not go away until you address the real problem and reduce your weight. At the point that you relieve the pressure on your joints from extra weight is when you will find joint pain relief.

It is also possible that the foods you eat (or don't eat) are causing joint pain. You may find joint pain relief just by adding salmon or sardines to your diet. These oily fish are rich in Omega 3. The lack of Omega 3 in the diet of Americans is one of the leading causes of joint pain. This one little addition to your diet (in food form or fish oil capsules), can make a difference between having to sit around in pain all day, or getting out and doing what you love to do!

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But sometimes there is just no reason that you suddenly have joint pain. And in that case, you will want to try joint pain supplemlents to get joint pain relief.

joint supplement reviews

Joint Pain Relief Supplements

The Best Joint Pain Relief Usually Includes These Supplements.

As I mentioned before, you can add lubrication naturally to your joints by eating oily fish or taking a fish oil supplement.

But what if that's not totally working for you, there are several very good joint pain supplements on the market today that you can get without a prescription. These joint supplelments are readily available in most drug stores or online.

What I"m trying to say is that you should try everything at your immediate disposal before you get put on some pharmacy drug that may cause harmful side effects. Natural supplements could include:

  • Omega 3 Fish Oil
  • MSN
  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin Sulfate

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 Joint Pain Relief Aids


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