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Biopuncture for Joint Pain Relief

New Homeopathic Remedy for Joint Pain Relief Includes Biopuncture

There is a new science in the homeopathic field that consists of injecting small amounts of a plant based mixture into the skin to help with a variety of pain issues, including for Joint Pain Relief. This new technique is called Biopuncture and is currently being researched on a variety of levels.

The way biopuncture works is by injecting a biological mixture into the area of pain. The herb called Arnica is usually used for joint pain relief or for sore muscles, and could be combined with another ingredient like Glucosamine. These injections do not usually only contain ONE ingredient, but a small mixture of supplements and plants that are known to work for the injury or pain taking involved. 

Biopuncture is also being tested for lymphatic drainage, sports injuries and other types of inflammation. Because they are being used in such small quantities, they are safe for most people.

While the biopuncture injections typically don't have as many side effects as other joint pain supplements, they do work a little slower because they do not suppress your symptoms immediately. Instead, their goal is to stimulate the immune system and kick it into action! The result is that a supplement is not constantly needed for joint pain relief, but rather that your body will start to heal itself as your immune system begins to recognize the pain inducing intruders. This results in a more natural healing process which has longer term healing effects.

Of course, as in all other joint pain relief treatments, biopuncture should be combined with healthy eating and exercise - the two other natural, highly recommended activities for anyone that wants to increase their health and wellness.

Biopuncture is a new science, and as such may not be available everywhere.  But it is definitely something to take a look at. If you're interested, ask your health care provider the next time you're visiting and see if this could be a better option for your joint pain relief.


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